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Using the Best Specialty Mailing Lists for Automotive Industry Dealers Marketing Efforts

March 4th, 2021

There are several specialty mailing lists available for the automotive industry to increase sales. Automotive dealer marketing efforts will continue to be successful if the correct lists are selected. Direct marketing will continue to out perform any other form of advertising including newspaper, radio and even social media. Selecting the correct list will give automotive retailers the advantage by permitting them to target specific audiences that would be interested in your specific vehicle.

These are the Best Specialty List Options for Automotive Retailers:

Exact Credit Database – this file allows auto dealers to select individuals with an exact credit score, which aids in sending out special offers dependent on certain credit levels. You can also select based on an individuals auto loan or lease is expiring. This allows dealers to time their advertisement perfectly just as their loan or lease is up.

Automobile Database – this list is extensive in the type of automobile each household owns. Dealers have the ability to select by exact year, make and model of the vehicle within the household. Dealers can target households that would be interested in their vehicle offer by targeting people who own competitive make and models.

Saturation Mailing List – dealers often want to target everyone in the area within a specific distance of their dealership. This file will ensure they are getting their mail piece into every household within a specific distance of their location. They also have the option of selecting an average income in each neighborhood.

Newly Married File – marketing to newly married couples is a great way increase automotive sales. Newlyweds are known to spend more money when recently married and combining their income for more purchasing power.

Business Fleet Database – dealers can greatly capitalize on targeting business owners that require a fleet of vehicles in their operation. Landing just one business who has a fleet of 20 or more vehicles can become a large revenue maker.

Bankruptcy File – this allows dealers to select people who have just been released from their bankruptcy and are ready to start rebuilding their credit.

Using these best mailing list options and focusing your marketing message correctly will help increase your sales and customer base. Anytime you are planning to buy mailing lists, be sure you have your marketing strategy completely planned out. These are only a few of the automotive choices available. You always want to be as specific as possible when creating a targeted list. It is essential to put the time and thought into creating the best mailing list and even spending a little more on a more accurate database.