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Different Kinds of Mailing List Scripts That Makes Newsletter Distribution Successful

February 4th, 2021

Visitors of your website would be able to subscribe to your newsletters through the help of a mailing list script. There are some scripts that would require a visitor to first verify their email addresses by clicking on a link that will be sent to them. These are called “double opt-in” scripts, in which customers would need to click on the link sent to their Inbox before their names will be added to an internal list on your website’s database.

Purpose of Mailing List Script

Basically, the main purpose of a ML script is to help you in sending out newsletters through an online interface. Some scripts support newsletters on an HTML format, while some would only support those ASCII text newsletters. The admin interface of the script is where you could maintain, add, or delete any information about your list of subscribers. If any of your subscribers would wish to stop their subscription, all they have to do is to fill out a form on your website, and select an option to unsubscribe. There are also scripts that enable you to view newsletter archives which you have already sent out.

Different Types of Mailing List Script

You may purchase scripts and install in on your website. As soon as you have it on your site, you can freely use it to all subscribers on your mailing list. The script comes in several different types and among them are:

PHP Mailing Lists Managers – this enables programmers to create dynamic content on your web pages. It has the capability to support several list of subscribers and can personalize HTML or just plain text mails. It’s equipped with a control panel, where subscribers can view, edit and unsubscribe.

ASP Mailing Lists Managers – this helps in easily creating, maintaining and updating all mailing lists, for it is equipped with an interface that is very easy to navigate. Its admin interface is browser-based and has a password protected access, enabling the administrator to view and edit, as well as add subscribers to the list.

CGI & Perl Mailing List Managers – these are scripts which give access to your visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list right directly to your website, also allowing you to easily send out messages to all that are subscribed on the list.

ASP.NET Mailing List Managers – this script works as a utility webmaster that could provide you all things you need in developing groups of newsletter on your website’s subscription area. This is a program which uses MS Access in storing data.

Choosing to install ML Script through a hosting company’s server can sometimes be complicated. They would often require you to use a mail agent function or an authenticated SMTP service. Therefore, it is important that you check with your hosting company in advance, before you decide to purchase.