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Increase Sales for New Business Start Ups With Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

May 4th, 2021

In today’s economy, jobs are scarce, unemployment is at a record high and many people are looking to start their own business. The average cost of new business start ups have dropped drastically in these conditions. Any new business must create a business plan that includes forecasting their marketing plans. Even with a big move towards social media, direct marketing mailing lists will boost sales immediately.

The list is one of the most important factors in creating a successful direct marketing campaign. The actual marketing list is what ensures your message is getting into the hands of the right audience. An accurate database also ensures you are not wasting postage on undeliverable addresses. The industry standard percentage for undeliverable mail coming back should be no more than 7%.

There are several types of targeted mailing lists that will fit your audience. Whether you are marketing to businesses or residential consumers, the right list is available. There are business lists, consumer lists, residential and specialty mailing lists. In addition to direct mailing lists, you can enhance your marketing results with telemarketing follow up to the same people that have received your mail piece.

It is important to ensure you are properly targeting the correct audience with your marketing lists. It is also crucial to have your list provider send a report showing exactly what demographics are being pulled. There are several selections available for both business and residential databases. It is good to start your first mailing with the most targeted list of selections.

In conclusion, starting a new business can create stressful times. It is important to constantly brand your business name and continuously marketing your product and services with direct mail marketing lists. A good offer with a call to action and a strong marketing list will guarantee quick growth in your new business venture. In direct mail marketing whether purchasing business or residential lists superior data brings superior results.